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Career Planning

A Focus on Career Planning

Whether students aspire to attend a four-year college after high school or are focused on a more immediate work path, we offer the right tools to help them evaluate their own strengths and interests and explore career directions that are both satisfying and rewarding.

Students use resources to learn about themselves, discover career interests, and plan for future career success. They will:
  • Learn about financial aid options.
  • Learn how to prepare for a job interview and write a resume.
  • Set both short- and long-term education goals to match career interests.
  • Learn how to be successful on the job.
We believe that with this kind of personalized guidance and support, we can help students achieve their dreams and succeed.

Career Technology Centers

career technology center maps
Juniors and seniors who are on track for graduation are strongly encouraged to attend an area Career Tech Center program while still attending high school. Students are responsible for contacting their local Center to determine program offerings, application deadlines, and admission requirements; these will vary from one Career Tech Center to another. To determine the Career Tech Center your student is eligible to attend, please contact your High School counselor or check out the link below.

OK Career Tech