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Crisis Support


What Is A Student Resource Coordinator?

The Student Resource Coordinator is available for all ISOK students and learning coaches to assist with crisis intervention, referrals for resources and added social-emotional support. The ISOK Student Resource Coordinator serves as the McKinney Vento Liaison and Foster Care Liaison for the school.


The SRC coordinates the ISOK Student Mentor Program. If your student is interested in receiving assistance from a student mentor, please reach out to the Student Resource Coordinator.  


The SRC is available to help students and families who struggle with social issues, trauma, or challenging family situations.


What if my student is seeing a private counselor?

The SRC is not a replacement for your current therapist/counselor, but the SRC is available to provide added support at ISOK. 


The SRC can work with a student’s teachers to support and advocate for the student if they are struggling with anxiety/depression or any mental illness. 


ISOK does have teletherapy and support groups available for students with an Licensed Professional Counselor staffed by ISOK. The SRC can help connect you with teletherapy and support groups provided by ISOK.

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For more information, please download this file:

ISOK Virtual Calming Room:

ISOK has a virtual calming room available for students, families, and staff. The ISOK Virtual Calming Room provides resources such as calming sounds and music, guided meditations, live animal cams, resources, etc.

ISOK Virtual Calming Room:

Student Resource Coordinator

Ann Kuge

This is a judgment free zone with the goal to support students and families who may face many social issues such as: 


Teen Pregnancy

Anxiety/Depression /Mental Illness


Eating Disorders

Grief /Loss/Divorce

Domestic Violence


Juvenile Justice System

Incarcerated Parents




Foster Care

Financial Struggles


ISOK Community Resources:

The ISOK SRC’s update the ISOK Community Resources monthly with resources around the state.