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Additional Courses Offered to ALL High School Students


Who: High School students interested in courses we don't offer, after conversation with counselor

Example: advanced chemistry

What: learning platform

When: Edmentum (out-of-network) teacher provides schedule and deadlines


Why: State-funded option to students seeking course opportunities not provided from their school of choice. The state provided funds and an opportunity for students to access courses their school wouldn't normally offer.


Additional Edmentum Information

  • There is an orientation that shows students how to access the class.
  • Each subject has multiple chapters.
  • Take a pre-test. If you score 100% it will skip that chapter of info automatically. The program adjusts to show what the student has mastered and they only have to complete the work in each chapter for what they do not show as mastered already from the pre-test.
  • The current grade shows the grade for the work they have completed so far
  • The course grade is the determiner of credit earned for the course. In other words, the student must have a passing course grade in order to get credit for the class.


How to Login:

Account: isok
Username: Student ID #
Password: first name + last 3 digits of student ID#
Example: Peter Parker with student ID 1234567
Account: isok
Username: 1234567
Password: peter567
Not sure what your Student ID number (SID) is? CLICK HERE

POC: Leah Mills