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General Education Pathways

ISOK offers individualized pathways to graduation

Traditional Pathway – Targeted Instruction

This is the regular class schedule that will allow students to attend up to 4 days per week of required class connect sessions. Course size will be limited to no more than 80 students enrolled. Class sizes will be no more than 15 students in live instruction. It may include additional optional class connect sessions. Additional sessions will be added if student growth requires more LIVE instruction with teachers. Instruction in these sessions will be focused on state standards and student data. These sessions are targeted on skills to increase mastery. (Students who are struggling to master state standards and/or grade level expectations may be required to attend.)


Self-Paced Pathway – Focus Phoenix Program

Focused Phoenix is a self-paced program provided through Edmentum Courseware for students looking to earn credits more quickly than normal. There are no live classes or teachers. The Focused Phoenix director monitors each student’s progress through the content and stays in active communication with each student to ensure mastery of course content within 4-5 weeks. Students in the Focused Phoenix program can earn at least 2 half credits through the program in a given block, on top of regular enrolled courses, and there is no limit as to how many credits students may earn in the block. Students begin each Unit with a pretest that could potentially exempt them from other lessons in the unit if they score high enough. The students then work their way through the remaining modules and mastery tests until they have completed the content. Earning an overall passing grade will earn the credit for the student. This can be used for both Credit Recovery and general pathways.


Night School Add-On

ISOK offers the opportunity to receive live support from the hours of 6pm-8pm Monday-Thursday. Teachers will be on hand to support students either through targeted instruction coursework or guide them through more Self-Paced coursework through Edmentum or other external resources. Night school does not replace the daily required live CC time. Students are still expected to attend their required CCs either by live presence or by watching recordings. Night School would be good for any students who work during the day, or those who simply prefer to get their schoolwork done in the evenings; however, all students are welcomed to this option, if desired.


Embedded Course Pathway

ISOK offers the opportunity for students to embed courses with similar standards into each other. This involves students being enrolled in two courses at the same time, while only completing work and attending classes for one overall course. This way, students will earn credits for both courses in the time it takes for one course. Students will only access and operate the “host course” as the teacher includes content and standards from the embedded course into the “host course” and live CCs. Current embedded options include Modern World Studies (embedded into Modern World History), Forensic Science (embedded into Anatomy and Physiology, Block A only), Journalism (embedded into English 9, Block B only), Public Speaking (embedded into English 10, Block B only), Creative Writing (embedded into English 11, All Blocks), with more coming soon.


Credit by Examination – Boot Camp

ISOK offers a week-long class to prepare students to complete the Credit by Examination assessment. The student must score 80% on the assessment if taking for the first time to earn the credit for the course. If a student has attempted the course previously, they only need to score 60% on the assessment to earn the credit for the course. Boot Camps are planned for December and May, dates subject to change.


Teacher-Taught Edmentum Courses

This pathway is for students who may be interested in courses/credits for which we don’t have teachers. Edmentum provides teachers in these areas for live instruction blended with the Edmentum curriculum. These options include STEM courses, Advanced courses, foreign language, unique electives outside of normal ISOK curriculum, etc.