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Class Connect

Targeted Interventions

ISOK offers a variety of online instructional sessions (Class Connect). This instruction is provided through NewRow. Scheduled Class Connect sessions can be viewed and accessed from the landing page of your OLS account. All sessions are recorded, and families may access recordings through their OLS account. Participation in these sessions assists students in mastering Oklahoma Academic Standards set forth by the State of Oklahoma. Teachers provide direct instruction integrating state standards and needed course content.
For students performing below grade level, ISOK will include specific interventions as part of a student’s ILP. These interventions will include both online and offline approaches to ensure that struggling students are provided with structured efforts to address gaps in their knowledge or skills. The online approach includes targeted synchronous tutoring sessions through NewRow where the student and teacher are working together on tasks, such as USA Test Prep, Exact Path, study skills, and other interventions. Teachers and counselors may work as needed with students and Learning Coaches face-to-face. For in-person meetings, staff members will follow ISOK safety procedures and public-school meeting policies.

Block Scheduling

The school uses block scheduling for high school courses. This format allows students to take core courses in concentrated 9-week periods. This allows students to focus more intently on fewer classes and to be more successful in their academics.
This information is from the Board-approved ISOK Handbook for SY 2021-2022, revised September 2021.