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Graduation Plans and ICAP


Graduation Plans

Graduation plans are developed for all high school students at ISOK. Graduation Plans are updated each quarter and are available from the Quick Links area on your landing page. Access your plan to know your progress toward graduation. Please review your Graduation Plan carefully for accuracy.

ICAP: Individual Career Academic Plans

Throughout enrollment, students will participate in activities designed to help them explore post high school options such as career interest surveys, goal setting, job applications, job shadowing/internships, scholarship applications, financial aid planning, community service, and completing the FAFSA. The ICAP process will help students identify specific courses that will help him/her to meet post-secondary goals. Components of ICAP will be interweaved into students’ courses, and students will earn grades for the items completed. Further details and instruction will be provided by the teacher.
For more information, please visit the State Department of Oklahoma’s website: https://sde.ok.gov/documents/2017-08-29/icap-one-page


This information is from the Board-approved ISOK Handbook for SY 2021-2022