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Grade Placement

For Students Entering from Homeschool

ISOK welcomes students who have previously homeschooled or attended a non-accredited school. For middle school students, appropriate grade level will be determined primarily based on placement tests that assess mastery of the Oklahoma Academic Standards.
All new students may request a proficiency assessment for the purpose of determining appropriate course placement within thirty (30) days of enrollment or re-enrollment in ISOK. This request may be initiated by a new student or the student's teacher, parent, or legal guardian. Any student currently enrolled in the school who was not enrolled in the district during all or part of the immediately preceding school term, excluding summer school terms, shall be considered a new student.

Placement tests can only be taken once per subject. Tests will be maintained for at least one year. Other relevant factors such as age, maturity or enrollment in Special Education Programs may also be considered when determining appropriate grade placement.
High School students are placed in a grade level according to the number of credits earned. To obtain High School credit, students entering ISOK from homeschooling or other non-accredited schools need to take a placement test or submit a portfolio to earn credit for previously completed courses. Students must score a 60% or better to earn credit.


This information is from the Board-approved ISOK Handbook for SY 2021-2022.