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Graduation Requirements

Students must complete the required 23 credits, participate in all assigned state testing, and complete the financial literacy requirements to be eligible for graduation from ISOK.

In accordance with the Achieving Classroom Excellence Act of 2005 (70 O.S. § 11-103.6) and Insight School of Oklahoma academic standards, students must complete the requirements of the college preparatory/work readiness curriculum to graduate from ISOK unless the student’s parent approves the student to enroll in the core curriculum. Successful completion of either curriculum will result in a student receiving a standard diploma. To enroll your student in the core curriculum, please complete the curriculum choice form located in the appendix. Your student’s counselor can help your student choose the best graduation path for their future needs.

Students must earn the following credits to graduate using College Preparatory/Work Ready Curriculum:

Picture - College Prep Work Ready Graduation Requirements

Students must earn the following credits to graduate using the core curriculum. Parent permission is required to enroll a student in the core curriculum.

Picture - Core Diploma Graduation Requirements
Students may take courses by concurrent enrollment to satisfy these course requirements upon the approval of the ISOK administration. Oklahoma Senate Bill 1370, adopted in 2018, allows for the acceptance and completion of one (1) year of a full-time, three-hour career and technology program leading to an industry credential/certificate (endorsed or aligned) or college credit to count for a third math to meet graduation requirements for students on the CORE curriculum. 
Testing Requirements for Graduation:
In accordance with the requirements of 70 O.S. Section 1210.508, beginning July 1, 2016, students will no longer be required to pass end of instruction tests to graduate high school unless Oklahoma law requires otherwise.
Students entering ninth grade during or after the 2016-2017 school year will be required to participate in the Insight approved assessments mandated by state law to complete graduation requirements.
Every high school student shall participate in the ACT state assessments to graduate from Insight. Students entering ninth grade during or after the 2017-2018 school year must also complete the US History state test and the 11th grade Science state test prior to graduation.
Additionally, Insight may require students to meet any other high school graduation testing requirements as developed and adopted by the Oklahoma State Board of Education pursuant to 70 O.S. Section 1210.508(A).
To the extent allowed by law and approved by the Oklahoma State Department of Education, the Head of School may grant exceptions to the testing requirement for graduation or require participation in district level testing to satisfy the testing requirement for graduation for extenuating circumstances on a case by case basis.
Financial Literacy Requirement:
Students must also fulfill the requirements for a Personal Financial Literary Passport by receiving specific instruction in 14 designated areas in compliance with state law. Students with the most significant cognitive disabilities (“MCSD”), who have an IEP that directs the student to be assessed with alternative standards through the Oklahoma Alternative Assessment Program (“OAAP”), may demonstrate satisfactory on the personal financial literacy passport exam through participating in substantive and substantial instruction in life-skills curriculum, and demonstrating the acquired knowledge of the student with MCSD by alternative measures as required by the IEP.
Individual Career Academic Plan:
Beginning with students entering the ninth grade in the 2019-2020 school year (class of 2023), each student is required to complete the process of an Individual Career Academic Plan (ICAP) in order to graduate from a public high school with a standard diploma. 70 O.S. §2320.508-4
Students meeting at least one of the following criteria will be invited to participate in the May Graduation ceremony:
  • Have earned a minimum of 23 credits and participated in all required state exams as outlined above by the end of May.
  • Have earned a minimum of 21 credits and participated in all required state exams PLUS agree to enroll in summer school or CBE testing to complete the remaining 2 credits.
  • Completed all graduation requirements and officially graduated in December.

Honor Graduates, Valedictorians, and Salutatorians

Honor Graduates will be recognized as those students who have a minimum of a 3.50 GPA. The Valedictorian for the senior class will be the student(s) having the highest-grade point average and ranked first in his/her graduating class. The Salutatorian will be the student(s) with the second highest weighted grade point average and ranked second in his/her graduating class. To qualify as a Valedictorian or Salutatorian, the student must be enrolled with ISOK at the beginning of the fall semester of his/her senior year. Cumulative grade point average through the fall semester of the senior year will be used to determine all graduation honors.


This information is from the Board-approved ISOK Handbook for SY 2021-2022