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Optimizing the High School Experience


Getting Started with School at Insight School of Oklahoma

Student and parent usernames and passwords are unique and must not be shared with anyone. Each will have separate usernames and passwords, one for the learning coach and one for the student.
Attending an orientation session is a key to success with the high school program. Teachers offer live orientations during the first week of school. You will be notified of these orientations via email. Should you miss any of the live course orientations, you will be able to access a recorded version located in the Class Connect section of each course. If you have trouble locating the recording, please contact your teacher. You should attend or view the course orientations before getting started in each course. Students should log in daily to all their courses and complete the assignments listed on the course’s calendar. It is recommended that students study at least one-two hours, per course, per day.

Student Actions to Ensure Success

• Follow the daily assignments in the plan section of each course.
• On the first day of school, make sure you can access all your courses and send/receive email
• Contact your Community Family Advisor to make sure you’re all set up and to schedule any necessary meetings.
• Log into the platform and participate in all required synchronous courses; all assigned interventions (such as small group meetings); and logging into a course and completing the assignments. Students that do not meet attendance requirements for 15 consecutive days will be found truant or withdrawn.
• Organize yourself each week by determining what you need to complete for each course and setting up a plan to complete the assignments by their deadlines. Use the course tools (school news, course plan, grade book) to help set up your personal plan.
• Check your course schedule to make sure that you have been included in all Class Connect sessions. Contact your teacher if your name does not appear.
• Log into your email daily to read and respond to email from your teachers and other school staff.
• Attend Class Connects, Study Hall, and Small Group Session to ask questions, discuss course topics, and reinforce online learning.
• Communicate regularly with your teachers, Community Family Advisor, and Counselor. Ask questions often!
• Work with your learning coach/parent at home- having a cheerleader or a support system at home helps when the going gets tough!

Creating a Calendar

Insight School of Oklahoma has provided a suggested calendar based on the course syllabus. The calendars are specific to each course and cannot be adjusted to individual paces. To stay on track, students are advised to check the Class Plan provided for each class and the course announcements daily. The highlights of the coming week are found in the student’s class home page.

Time Management

In an online course, time management is critical to success because most activities can be accomplished asynchronously (this means that the students do not have to be online at the same time as the instructor or other students). As with any traditional course, there is a risk of receiving a lower grade if a student falls behind. If your student struggles with time management, then he or she should contact his or her guidance counselor for assistance.
A proven way to manage time is to create a schedule of daily activities and stick to it. By incorporating time management techniques, students can be involved in extracurricular activities and still perform well in school.


This information is from the Board-approved ISOK Handbook for SY 2021-2022