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Learning Coach: The Learning Coach is the designated adult who has the primary responsibility of being actively involved in all school related work and activities. A parent or guardian may serve as a Learning Coach or assign this role to another trusted adult. In all cases, the parent /guardian is ultimately responsible for ensuring adherence to school policies. The Learning Coach should:
  • Actively monitor, assist, and motivate the student daily.
  • Communicate regularly with the student’s teachers and Community Family Advisor (CFA)Ensure the student is engaged and follows a weekly schedule that includes attending live class and completing weekly assignments per program requirements.
A student that is a legal adult may serve as their own Learning Coach.
Community Family Advisors (CFA): Community Family Advisors are your first point of contact. Each family is assigned one Community Family Advisor. They assist in getting students started and staying on track. Community Family Advisors can answer general questions or help connect you with the correct person if you aren’t sure who to contact. They will also host community building events online and at locations around the state.
Course Teachers: Course teachers are responsible for providing instruction in live classes (Class Connect), reviewing student work and providing feedback. Students may have a different teacher for each course. Questions about courses or course content should be directed to the teacher of that course.
Engagement Specialist: The Engagement Specialist supports student retention by providing non-instructional intervention and support to students in grades 6-12. They are responsible for working with students and parents to identify online learning strengths and areas for improvement and ensure student improvement through holistic intervention strategies.
Academic Counselor: Counselors work with students to enroll them in coursework that will meet all graduation requirements and ensure students are progressing as planned. They are the points of contact for all course enrollments and scheduling.
Career Counselor: Career Counselors help provide individual and group career planning to help support students as well as provide responsive serves on academic, career, and personal concerns. The help students enroll in concurrent and career and technical education opportunities as well as helps students complete ICAP requirements.
Student Resource Coordinator: The Student Resources Coordinator is available for all students/Learning Coaches in to assist with referrals for resources and added social-emotional support The SRC connects students to community resources for families in need and mental health providers.
Students will be contacted through email, text, phone or during online classes. Each student will have access to online and offline curriculum materials. Students may reach out at any time to ISOK Staff for assistance. Staff will respond within 24 hours.
School Administration is Head of School, Principals, Assistant Principals, and special program leadership roles. Members of the administration team oversee school policies and maintain quality of schools.

This information is from the Board-approved ISOK Handbook for SY 2021-2022.