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Withdrawal Policy

If a parent/legal guardian chooses to withdraw a student from the Insight School of Oklahoma, Inc. (“ISOK”), he/she should contact their Community Family Advisor to begin the withdrawal process. The Community Family Advisor will discuss with the parent/legal guardian the reason for withdrawal and future schooling options for student. Once the withdrawal has been confirmed, the Community Family Advisor will complete the withdrawal form including final grades and submit to the registrar for processing. Due to compulsory attendance laws, the student must immediately enroll in another school or complete the Intent to Homeschool form. ISOK should be informed of the name and address of the new school that the student will enroll with or the parent/legal guardian should sign an Intent to Homeschool form immediately.
Students that do not complete adequate work in a timely manner or engage in two-way communication with ISOK for an extended period of time may be considered by ISOK to be withdrawn as no longer intending to be enrolled at ISOK. ISOK will determine on an individual basis, based on a totality of the circumstances, whether a student will be withdrawn. ISOK staff will work to contact the student until the student re-engages in ISOK; or, the ISOK registrar receives either a confirmation of enrollment from another public-school district, or the parent completes the Intent to Homeschool form.


This information is from the Board-approved ISOK Handbook for SY 2021-2022