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About LaShundra Wigfall

LaShundra Wigfall is the 8th grade ELA teacher for ISOK Middle School. She joined the team in December of 2020 with over 9 years experience teaching professionally in the Mid-Del and Oklahoma City public school district. She holds a Bachelor degree from Western Governors University in Interdisciplinary Education and a Masters Degree from Concordia at Portland in Curriculum and Instruction with emphasis on Teacher Leadership. Before becoming a certified teacher in 2012, she spent most of her work career as a teacher in the child development centers from both Oklahoma and Omaha, Nebraska. She was born in Florida but mostly raised in Nebraska. The military brought her family to Oklahoma and they never left. 

Outside of education, she is a mother of 5, and is also a published book author. She has written five books so far and will never quite writing. She was recently contracted as a ghost writer for a big project. It's so exciting! She owns two small businesses and is an international ESL teacher. She has been to China to be a guest judge for an Oxford Reading Tree competition and as Most Valuable Teacher in 2018. She still teaches ESL on the weekends as a private contractor and hosts virtual clubs available for children all over the world with internet access and a reasonable time zone. Her ultimate dream is to have her books become motion pictures and to travel the world writing, reading, and spreading a contagious passion to read and create.