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SEL School

ISOK is an SEL (Social and Emotional Learning) School, utilizing 7 Mindsets curriculum

The 7 Mindsets program targets 10 Social and Emotional Learning Competencies for students, intentionally designed to develop:
  • Self-Awareness*: Develop self-awareness skills to have knowledge of one's emotions, to develop an accurate and positive self-concept, and to recognize individual strengths and external support systems.
  • Self-Management*: Develop and demonstrate self-management skills and resiliency to regulate emotions and to monitor and achieve behaviors related to school and life success.
  • Social Awareness*: Develop social-awareness skills needed to establish and maintain positive relationships.
  • Relationship Skills*: Demonstrate interpersonal skills needed to establish and maintain positive relationships.
  • Decision-Making*: Demonstrate decision-making skills, problem-solving skills, and responsible behaviors in school, as well as in personal and community contexts.
  • Resilience: Build authentic self-confidence and demonstrate the ability to deal with adversity and persist through multi-step complex efforts.
  • Growth Mindset: Gain a mindset that values and actively seeks personal development and growth instead of extrinsic rewards and recognitions.
  • Empathy: Develop compassion, awareness of other cultures and perspectives, and an orientation toward empowering others.
  • Cultural Competence: Build the ability to live and work effectively in culturally diverse environments and enact a commitment to fairness and to the full participation of all members.
  • Hope: Create positive beliefs in one's own abilities and those of other people, and focus on the possibilities for the future.

*SEL Competency as defined by CASEL (Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning)