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Welcome Back to School

It is exciting to be starting off another great year at Insight School (ISOK) of Oklahoma. 

Your active participation in your student’s education is imperative! Helping your student maintain engagement and attendance is instrumental in developing positive work habits and ensuring success in school. Planning family vacations during the summer break, holiday vacations, and over spring break is greatly appreciated. This eliminates the possibility of your student/s developing gaps in their education and assist in student achievement. Please, take the time to become familiar with the ISOK Parent/Student Handbook. This handbook addresses many issues that may arise during the school year. It is our objective to be proactive in assisting students in being successful in school. Also, our student handbook addresses eligibility requirements for the many academic and social activities available at ISOK. We strongly encourage your student/s to participate in at least one academic and one social activity this school year!

Some courses and equipment will be shipping soon, so PLEASE contact the office 405-835-2133 Ext. 3001 ASAP if you have moved over the summer. The shipment will be sent to the address you have on file in the OLS (Online Learning System). If you need to verify your address, please log into the OLS, go to My Account and review the information noted in your profile. Remember as a public school in Oklahoma; we must have proof of residency documentation to change your address, so PLEASE call the office 405-835-2133 Ext. 3001 to make any change.

Courses will be open on the first day of school. If you have any scheduling concerns; please contact your Community Family Advisor.

Top 5 Things to do Before School Starts

Check Computer Requirements

You can check the requirements here.