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The Diagnostic assessment is a skills-based benchmark assessment that students will take upon enrollment approval. The Parent/Legal Guardian, school academic team, and teacher will receive the results. Based upon the students’ strengths and weaknesses, teachers will develop an Individualized Learning Plan (ILP) for enrichment and/or remediation. The Diagnostic assessment is not a placement test and does not change grade level or course placement. At the end of the year, the student will take another assessment to show his or her academic progress. Links, logins, and other Diagnostic information will be communicated to students at the appropriate testing window.
Full participation in these assessments was agreed to during enrollment. Students are required to fully participate in all benchmark assessments to be eligible for reenrollment.
Assessments, such as quizzes and tests, are a critical part of any academic program. They offer important information about the student’s progress toward mastery. This information is helpful only if accurate. It can be accurate only if the assessment represents the student’s work and only his or her work.

The High School Platform features Lockdown Browser, a secure browser add-on that limits the student’s ability to print, navigate the Internet, and access other programs while taking an online assessment. The default setting activates this functionality for Computer Scored (CS) Unit assessments.

Students must download and install a small piece of software called the Respondus Lockdown Browser. When students access these assessments, browser is activated, allowing the student to complete the assessment, but prevents access to any other functionality on the computer.

Lockdown Browser prohibits students from the following when taking an online assessment:
• Printing functions are disabled
• Print Screen and capturing functions are disabled
• Copying and pasting anything into or from the assessment
• Surfing the Web
• Opening or using any other applications such as Microsoft Word, e-mail, instant messenger, etc.
• Function keys are disabled
• Selecting on any other area within the course
Students will not be able to select the Begin Exam button without the necessary software. Selecting the Lockdown Browser Download and Instructions link will take students to the download page to download the Lockdown Browser plug-in. Should a parent or student feel there is an extenuating circumstance preventing the use of Lockdown Browser, the parent must notify the teacher prior to the due date of the assignment. Exceptions to using Lockdown Browser will be determined on a case by case basis and must be approved by the high school principal.