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Academic Support and Tutoring

ISOK’s primary goal is to improve both student academic and behavioral needs. By teaming school professionals and parents we focus on students' needs first and base decisions on the students’ academic, behavioral and career goals.

Phoenix Fire Class Connect Session: An opportunity for students to work in a small group setting with the teacher. During this required time, the students work on an identified skill based on academic data, that they need additional support. The teacher presents the information in various ways, including games, interactive activities, videos, and websites, to help the students reach a higher level of understanding. The learning time is more personalized for maximum learning potential. Look for these sessions in the students weekly class connect schedule.

Study Hall Class Connect Sessions: This is an opportunity for students to reach out and work with content specific teachers on course assignments. This opportunity is offered several times a week and we highly encourage students to come in a work while teachers are in the class connect session. Students that attend regularly have shown dramatic increases in their content understanding and course passing rates. Look for these sessions in the students weekly class connect schedule.
Free Online Tutoring

For more information, you can contact Allison McCartney, Tutoring Manger, or go to the link below to sign up.

Phone: 405-259-9478, Ext. 2171