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Attendance Policy

As a public charter school, consistent attendance is expected for all students. For the purposes of attendance, instructional activities are defined as:
  • Completion of course assignments that are used to record a grade for the student that is factored into the student’s grade for the term is which the assignment is completed;
  • Instructional meetings with a teacher;
  • Testing;
  • School-sanctioned field trips; and
  • Orientation.
For the purposes of attendance, on pace for course completion is completing weekly course work as assigned in order to have successful completion of the course by the end of the grading period.
  1. For the purposes of attendance, a student attending ISOK shall be considered in attendance for a quarter if the student:
    1. Completes instructional activities on no less than ninety percent (90%) of the days within the quarter;
    2. Is on pace for on-time completion of the course as defined by the board of education of ISOK; or
    3. Completes no less than seventy-two instructional activities within the quarter of the academic year.

  2. For a student who does not meet any of the criteria set forth in paragraph 1 of this policy, the amount of attendance recorded shall be the greater of:
    1. The number of school days during which the student completed the instructional activities during the quarter;
    2. The number of school days proportional to the percentage of the course that has been completed; or
    3. The number of school days proportional to the percentage of the required minimum number of completed instructional activities during the quarter.
For students attending ISOK for less than the full quarter, the attendance shall be determined based on a proportional amount of the required attendance policy provisions set forth herein based upon the date of enrollment of the student. For students enrolled in less than a full-time ISOK course load, including but not limited to part-time seniors, concurrently enrolled students, and students enrolled in career tech, the attendance shall be determined based on a proportional amount of the required attendance policy provisions set forth herein based upon the number of ISOK courses in which the student is enrolled.


Students are expected to complete all weekly assignments by Sunday at midnight. Students that do not engage in assignments on a consistent basis may be referred to a state authority, may be considered truant, and may face withdrawal from ISOK. A petition for truancy may be filed in the family’s district court of residence. The truancy case may remain open until the student re-engages in ISOK; or, the ISOK registrar receives either a confirmation of enrollment from another public school district, or the parent completes the Intent to Homeschool form. A student who is reported for truancy two (2) times in the same school year shall be withdrawn and prohibited from enrolling in the same virtual charter school for the remainder of the school year. The resident school district will be notified of the withdrawal.

Illness/ Extended Inability to Participate

If an unexpected situation should arise and there is an extended leave of three days or more needed from courses, students must follow these steps:
  1. Determine if internet access is available (through libraries, etc.).
  2. Contact teachers and Community Family Advisor to explain the situation.
  3. Discuss class alternatives with the teachers and Community Family Advisor.
ISOK excuses student absences from school due to a physical or mental condition that impedes instruction for more than 3 school days. To be eligible for the excused absence policy, the student’s Parent/Legal Guardian must provide a written doctor's note prior to the 10th consecutive absence. If a doctor’s note is not provided before the 10th consecutive school day of non-attendance, the student will be withdrawn for excessive absenteeism.

Vacation Policy

Students who attend school regularly and make continuous progress in their curriculum may work with their teachers to develop an alternate schedule or special accommodations for extended travel. If a student’s attendance history does not meet the attendance requirements, school staff should carefully evaluate the family’s request for flexibility. Assignments due during a family-scheduled vacation must be completed prior to the vacation, so it is the student’s responsibility to contact his or her teachers prior to this absence. Assignments that are completed late due to a family-scheduled vacation during school are subject to the late work policy. Vacation time will not be approved during the standardized testing windows.
This information is from the Board-approved ISOK Handbook for SY 2020-2021.

Truancy Talk

Oklahoma State Law regarding attendance and truancy policies was reformed in May 2020.


As such, the ISOK attendance and truancy procedures were revised in July 2020, and implemented in August 2020.


This resource is intended to provide families with further explanation of the school year 2020-2021 attendance and truancy policies and procedures for ISOK.