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Credit Recovery


Credit Recovery Courses

Students work independently at their own pace in credit recovery courses in the A+ software and are responsible for attending weekly help sessions with the credit recovery instructor.

Students may also recover credit through assessment by successfully passing a Credit By Examination (CBE) assessment with a score of 60% or better.

Credit Recovery Course Enrollment

A student is eligible to enroll in a credit recovery course if the student previously failed that course at any school.

Students may add another credit recovery course after completion of the current course, provided there are at least 3 weeks remaining in the block. So long as students continue to be successful in their credit recovery courses and their regular courses, ISOK will not limit the number of credit recovery courses that can be completed within the given guidelines.
No physical materials will be provided for credit recovery courses. Online versions of textbooks, worksheets, and student guides will be incorporated into the course.

Focus Phoenix

Like Credit Recovery, Focus Phoenix is a self-paced program for students looking to earn credits more quickly than normal. Students work independently at their own pace in Focus Phoenix courses in the A+ software and are responsible for attending weekly help sessions with the Focus Phoenix instructor.

The Focus Phoenix instructor monitors each student’s progress through the content and stays in active communication with each student to ensure mastery of course content within 4-5 weeks. Students in the Focus Phoenix program can earn at least 2 half credits through the program in a given block, on top of regular enrolled courses, and there is no limit as to how many credits students may earn in the block.
See Student Support: Pathways for more information.

Summer School for High School Credit

ISOK offers Credit Recovery courses in Summer School, as well as a selection of courses for first time credit. The fee for Summer School courses, as well which courses will be offered, will be determined prior to the end of each academic school year. Detailed information will be sent through email in late spring.

Credit by Examination

Credit by Examination (Proficiency Based Promotion) is a process that awards credit for students’ knowledge in the core curriculum areas, including reading, language arts, math, science, social studies and foreign languages, through an assessment process through testing.

ISOK provides opportunities for the testing to take place at least twice per year at various locations around the state. Students demonstrating proficiency will have the opportunity to advance to the next level of study. Failure to demonstrate proficiency will not be noted on the student’s transcript. Students who do not demonstrate proficiency may submit another request to sign up for proficiency-based testing during the next testing window.
See News: Credit by Examination for more information.
This information is from the Board-approved ISOK Handbook for SY 2020-2021.