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Students will have access to online tutoring from teachers during regularly scheduled class times or special one-on-one sessions via NewRow. During these sessions, teachers will divide students into small groups or provide one on one tutoring. Additionally, teachers may create opportunities for face to face meetings with students and learning coaches at community facilities across the state (coffee shops, libraries, rec centers, etc.).

Face to Face Tutoring

ISOK will offer Face to Face with a certified tutor. This pathway to learning will help students increase their course grade, achieve higher test scores, reach their academic goals, and create connections with learning. Face-to-Face tutoring will take place only at a public library or at the Tutoring Center in Midwest City. If in-person tutoring is not feasible, virtual, Face-to-Face tutoring using Zoom, Newrow or other methods will be used. If any technical issues arise, the Tutoring Manager must be notified. Students will be matched with a tutor located closest to them. If a tutor is not located within reasonable distance to a student, F2F virtual tutoring may be offered.
See the Tutoring Guide for more information.
This information is from the Board-approved ISOK Handbook for SY 2020-2021.