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Parent Section


Parental Involvement

Direct parental involvement is fundamental of the success of ISOK. The most fundamental role Learning Coaches will play will be the daily support their child’s learning and to help continuously evaluate ISOK’s operation, governance, and instructional program. Learning Coaches will be asked to support school wide initiatives and be committed to support the school’s goal for every student to reach their full academic potential. The school will offer support through monthly Learning Coach trainings, speakers, and modeling. Most of the sessions will be webinars or synchronous online sessions using web conferencing tools to make them most accessible to parents. Face-to-face sessions will be an integral part of the program and will be provided at various locations across the state.

At ISOK, Learning Coaches can help guide students through their daily coursework using the K12 suite of curriculum offerings (including the K12 curriculum) and the platform. Learning Coaches will be expected to partner with teachers as needed via phone, email, and synchronous sessions using NewRow or in person to ensure students are on track and in line with the expectations set by the school. ISOK Learning Coaches will be expected to be proactive, to contact teachers, specialists, and other school staff to solve problems, to give feedback, or pass on ideas and insights to the school community. The school also expects learning coaches to volunteer their time and effort on behalf of the school—and to suggest, help organize, and participate in field trips, other educational outings, and social events.
In addition:
  • Learning Coaches and/or Parent/Legal Guardians are encouraged to attend Board and other ISOK meetings and to participate on ad-hoc committees appointed to address specific issues.
  • ISOK will organize a Parent Advisory Council. The Parent Advisory Council is parent-driven and is recognized as the official voice of school parents. The group serves as a direct communication link between ISOK families and the school and is a resource for parents, both as a source of conveying school information to families as well as relaying parental suggestions to the school administration. This group will meet online and in person at various times throughout the school year.
  • Teachers will initiate regular conferences and conversations with parents about their child’s progress and about parents’ needs and concerns about the operation of the school. Learning Coaches are free to contact teachers, specialists, and other school staff to solve problems, give feedback, or pass on ideas and insights to the school community.
  • Learning Coaches and/or Parent/Legal Guardians will help us to continuously evaluate the operation and governance of the school both online and offline. ISOK will survey Learning Coaches online annually to determine their satisfaction with their overall experience. Criteria of the survey will include the curriculum, instruction, the Platform, administration, support, quality and delivery of materials, working with the lessons, student progress, student attitude towards learning, communication, and interaction with other Insight School of Oklahoma students and parents. Learning Coaches may supply critiques and/or endorsements regarding their experience at ISOK.
Throughout the school year, the principal, other administrators, and teachers will account for contributions that parents and community members have made to the operations and governance of the school and communicate this to the Board and the school community through the school website, in print reports, and in face-to-face meetings. New opportunities for parents and community members to contribute will always be considered.

Parent Actions to Help Ensure Student Success

  • Families are expected to maintain communication with the school and teachers on a regular basis. Email and phone calls are the primary means of communication with our teachers and school. Learning Coaches must check the platform and email daily.
  • Phone conferences and/or live online Class Connect meetings will be initiated by the teacher as needed and all parties will be expected to have access to all curriculum materials and a computer for these conferences. Face-to- face meetings may be requested as well.
  • Attend an orientation session for a general overview of the Platform program. These dates and times will be communicated via k-mail.
  • Log into the platform with your child so that you can learn the systems together.
  • Help your student organize and prepare for this virtual setting. Arrange a designated an area where the student has space to work. Also, make sure that the computer and scanner/printer are all in good working order. Help your student create a personal calendar each week to ensure that he or she has a plan to complete those weekly assignments. Monitor the student’s organization plan each week until your student has his or her routine in working order and is experiencing academic success.
  • Log into both the Learning Coach and Student Account Daily to read/check emails.
  • Stay in regular communication with your Community Family Advisor.
  • Take advantage of parent trainings, meetings, and informative sessions.
  • A working phone number, email address, and current physical, mailing and shipping addresses must be provided throughout school year. Families are required to notify all teachers and/or school administration of any changes in contact information as they occur.
See News: OLCA for more information.

Complaint Process

ISOK staff is committed to a positive, collaborative environment. As problems arise, please follow these procedures for assistance in resolving the concern:
1. All concerns and issues should first be directed to the student’s teacher. (Phone appointments may be set up.) If a teacher cannot resolve the issue (e.g., materials and computer issues) he/she directs the parent/Learning Coach to the appropriate contact for assistance. The teacher follows up with the family until problem is solved.
2. If the concern is not resolved at this level, parents or Learning Coaches are advised to contact the lead teacher, through email. If you still have questions or concerns, contact the Principal through email. Schools will provide families with a list of ISOK staff names and extensions during the first weeks of school.
3. If the concern is still not resolved, address in writing any concern or grievance to the Head of School, Jennifer Wilkinson at jwilkinson@insightok.org. The Head of School will respond within 10 working days.
4. If the concern or grievance is not resolved by the Head of School, parents may, within ten working days of the Head of School’s response, request in writing a meeting (via phone or in person) with the Head of School to discuss the concern or grievance. The Head of School investigates and responds within ten working days.
5. If the family’s concern is not resolved at the meeting with the Head of School, the family may file a complaint with the ISOK governing board.
This information is from the Board-approved ISOK Handbook for SY 2020-2021.