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About Alexandra Orton

Alexandra Orton joined the ISOK team in 2020 after working as a high school counselor in eastern Oklahoma. She is a state certified school counselor in both Oklahoma and Florida and spent 10 years working in the mental health field as a counselor before transitioning into the education field. Originally from Pennsylvania, she decided to venture out to the Midwest for school and received her Bachelors and Masters degrees in Counseling in Missouri. While in her undergraduate program, she and her husband met. 15 years later, the two reconnected and the rest is history! Alexandra and Tyson now live in country where their 3 dogs run their lives. She believes with her whole heart that God has called her to work with teenagers and feels honored to do so. She loves summertime, swimming, cooking and baking, being active, eating pizza, and getting to the beach as much as possible.