Head of School

Message from the Head of School, Jennifer Wilkinson

Head of School, Jennifer Wilkinson
Dear Oklahoma Family,

Welcome to Insight School of Oklahoma (ISOK), a statewide alternative education virtual charter school. ISOK is committed to the support of students through a sound curriculum, assistance in school engagement, movement toward a high school diploma and preparation for success in college, work and life.


As a public charter school, ISOK is designed for parents to serve as an active participant in their child’s education. ISOK students receive a complete curriculum and the guidance of an Oklahoma-certified teacher. Our curriculum partner, K12 Inc., is the leader in personalized online education, and the interactive nature of K12 courses engage students in subject mastery. ISOK selects each course from K12’s portfolio, including not only K12’s own course offerings, but also courses from K12’s Fuel Ed and Middlebury Interactive Languages offerings, all based on alignment to state standards and appropriate rigor for at-risk students. ISOK creates an atmosphere where each student can experience success. 


A strong sense of community embodies all aspects of the school day. Class Connect sessions, community groups, email, phone conversations and other communication options give students multiple opportunities to connect with staff and other students. ISOK creates a foundation to become a life-long learner and productive citizen.  Students are encouraged to participate in assemblies, community sessions, clubs and attend school-wide outings. These activities offer opportunities to interact and build relationships with others. ISOK is glad your family has chosen our school, and believe it’s design can benefit your child.


ISOK is dedicated to Oklahoma students, and we are honored you have chosen our school. In the days ahead, please contact ISOK staff with any questions, concerns or comments you may have. 

Jennifer Wilkinson
Head of School

Jennifer Wilkinson. M.Ed., LPC, NCC, NCSC has seventeen years of experience in education. While Jennifer has diverse teaching experiences at elementary and secondary levels, the last fourteen years were in alternative education, with the last seven as the Director of Alternative Education at the Oklahoma State Department of Education. Jennifer led an Alternative Education Advisory Committee for the last few years focusing on improving alternative education in Oklahoma. The work of this committee led to the update of a twenty-five-year-old alternative education law.