School Counselors

ISOK Counseling & Academic Planning

ISOK has an incredible counseling team looking forward to supporting you all year long. Counselors do lots of things from reviewing transcripts, creating graduation plans, course assignment, preparing students for decisions about college and career, dual enrollment, and so much more!

Career and College Resources

In addition to college and career planning and support tools, students also benefit from one-to-one support from experienced Academic Counselors:

  • Academic Counselors guide students to important planning resources.
  • Career and college goals are tracked by Academic Counselors as part of the Individualized Learning Plan—including colleges targeted, scholarships, and career aspirations.

Complete the below agreement and submit to your Academic Counselor if you are enrolling concurrently.

Concurrent Enrollment Agreement

* Tribal Members - Check with your tribe, you may be eligible for assistance with concurrent expenses or other school related items.


Check out these great resources for college and career information:

OK College Start

OK Career Guide


Preparing for College Year-by-Year

12th Grade College Prep Timeline

11th Grade College Prep Timeline

10th Grade College Prep Timeline

9th Grade College Prep Timeline


Support Groups

ISOK Student Support Team is excited to offer support groups for our students!

Tuesdays and Wednesdays at 3:00 p.m. for Middle school students

Tuesdays and Wednesdays at 4:00 p.m. for High school students


Support groups will be available for students who have experienced mental illness, grief, loss, divorce, and trauma. A support group will also be offered to students to focus on decision-making skills. The support groups will allow students to socialize and have the opportunity to process their thoughts and feelings while learning coping skills.

The groups are optional and legal guardians must complete informed consent forms.


ISOK Support Groups:

Real Talk for Today’s Struggles

Empowered to Achieve

We’re Not Walking Alone

Building Resiliency