About Us

Insight School of Oklahoma offers an alternative school program with a comprehensive approach for students of all levels and abilities:
  • A tuition-free public school
  • Career Pathways that prepare students for additional technical training as well as for tests for industry recognized certifications
  • Targeted support for struggling students
  • Experienced state-certified teachers
  • Rigorous, interactive online curriculum
  • An Individualized Learning Plan (ILP) for each student
  • A Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) program
  • A caring Family Support Team
Mission Statement
Insight School of Oklahoma (“ISOK”) will provide students who are struggling with their education an alternative academic program to help them stay in school, achieve a high school diploma, and be prepared for success in college, work, and life. Although ISOK will serve students at all ability levels, it will focus on providing at-risk students a fresh educational start in an innovative virtual learning environment based on collaborative partnerships, individualized instruction, high-quality curriculum delivered on and offline, community support, student-focused initiatives, and career pathways.

This full-service model will ensure that every student reaches his or her true potential in accordance with Oklahoma academic standards. ISOK believes that a virtual education program designed around a school effectiveness framework, combined with a strong commitment from parents or other responsible adults will boost student achievement, serve the unique needs of Oklahoma’s students and families who seek an alternative education program, and offer a new model for effective collaborative public education in the 21st century. The school’s success and impact is premised on these values.